Delivery Period: 14- 25 business days. However, all delivery dates (whether provided here, on the Website, in an order confirmation, or elsewhere) are estimates only and not a guarantee that any the products will be delivered by a given date.

Delivery will be made to the address you provided to BeautiQ when your order is placed.

You must immediately notify BeautiQ via contact us page or email of any errors or omissions in the BeautiQ order confirmation notice or in the BeautiQ payment notification that is sent to you at the email address that is in our records. 

BeautiQ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to impose additional charges for any adjustments you make to an order (e.g., delivery address) after initial order is submitted.

All risk of loss for the products shall pass to you upon delivery of the Products to the location specified in your order (even if no signature is required for delivery). If you should refuse or fail to take delivery of the products, all risk of loss for the products will thereupon pass to you and, upon the demand of BeautiQ, you shall pay BeautiQ for the products plus any additional amounts incurred by BeautiQ as a result of your refusal or failure to take delivery of the products, including, without limitation, attempting delivery of the Products by any reasonable means, or storing the Products. BeautiQ will be entitled to dispose of the Products in such manner as it sees fit if you have not taken delivery of the Products within five (5) days after (a) the scheduled date of delivery or (b) the date on which delivery was first attempted, whichever is later.

Except as section "Order Cancellation" may apply to Your Order, or as described by BeautiQ in the Order form for Your Order, You are not entitled to revoke or cancel in whole or in part any Order.

How can I get in touch if I have a problem with my order? Please send an email to info@beautiqshop.com